Married’s Ministry

Married Ministry

The Louisville Church is very proud of the group we call “Married Ministry”.  This group involves people recently married to people that have been married many years.  We divide the Married Ministry into small cell groups we call Bible talks.  There are Bible Talks throughout Louisville and southern Indiana.  We believe that we need unity on the congregational level and we also need to build family in these smaller groups.  In these small groups we strengthen marriages through study, prayer and relationships.  Our goal is not to focus only on our marriages and family relationships but rather use our marriages and families as means to reach out to other families and thare the message of Christ.

Looking for a group that will help your marriage be built on the teachings of Jesus?  Look no further!

Looking for a group that is seeking to transform marriages throughout Kentuckiana?  Look no further.

Don’t believe it?  Come and see!