Who We Are

1The Louisville Church was started in September of 1980 under the name of the Old Louisville Church of Christ.  Our meeting place was in one of the homes on 3rd Street near the intersection of Hill and 3rd.  The original goal was to plant a church close to the center of town that would reach out to all segments of Louisville.  The desire was to create a church where all people would be wanted and all people regardless of backgrounds could find a saving relationship with Christ.  Unlike most of the churches in our area our desire was not to encourage flight into the suburbs but rather go to the whole city teaching the good news of Jesus.  Our humble beginnings taught us many things about what to do and what not to do when planting a church.

Over the years we have literally rented facilities all over the city.  We have been in the Convention Center, the Louisville Gardens, numerous hotels and a couple of public schools.

12Recently God gave us a gift and has brought us full circle to our beginnings.  The Fourth Avenue Baptist Church agreed to sell us their building on the corner of 4th and Oak and urged us to continue to reach out to the surrounding communities.  We have done some renovations to this building to make it more suitable to our ministry needs.  We are excited and grateful for this tremendous opportunity!

Our goal has been and will always be to duplicate the church we read about in the book of Acts.  Though we now have a building, the church of the Bible will never be a building but rather a group of individual disciples who have been called out of the world to represent Jesus to the world.

Other than the scriptures a quote from the Scottish Minister, George MacLeod has driven some of our thought process and has helped us to stay grounded.  We have quoted this below!

I simply argue

That the cross be

Raised again at

the center of the


as well as

on the steeple

of the church.

I am recovering the claim

that Jesus was not crucified in a cathedral between two candles,

but on a cross between two thieves; on the town garbage heap;

on a cross-roads so cosmopolitan

that they had to write his title

in Hebrew and Latin

and In Greek…;

at the kind of place

where cynics talk smut,

and thieves curse,

and soldiers gamble.

Because that is

where he died

and that is what

he died about.

And that is



should be

and what


should be about

– George MacLeod

Only One Way Left:  Church Prospect 1956