High School Ministry

This ministry consists of students attending High School, duh.  We found out from our teens that they wanted to be distinguished as “High School” students from the “Middle School” students instead of being clumped into a huge group called “Teens”.  Our High School Ministry has classes on Wednesday that are directed towards the needs of High School students.  On Sundays the High School ministry stays in the Auditorium to listen to the sermon.  There planned activities and devotionals designed to build deeper relationships with members of the High School ministry. There are annual retreats and summer camps.  We have found that apart from godly parenting, friends, be they good or bad, have some of the greatest influence on High School teens.  We want to create an environment where our teens have good and godly friendships that will help them live as disciples of Jesus on our High School campuses.  We have great teens!  Don’t believe me, come and see!